Emergency Air Conditioning Service And Repair

People may think Wisconsin is all about snow and cold temps. Make no mistake, when the time comes for Spring to become Summer, you’ll want a fully functioning air conditioner blowing cool air into your home. Iron Fireman is known as Southeastern Wisconsin’s “Mr. Indoor Comfort” by our superior emergency air conditioning service and repair expertise. Schedule an air conditioning service appointment with Iron Fireman today.

Quality Air Conditioners With 24/7 Emergency Cooling Service

We offer quality air conditioning repair and replacement on all makes and models. Our 24/7 emergency service ensures you’ll never be left to fry when the heat sets in. We replace units using the world-class air conditioning brands of Rheem and UNICO. Iron Fireman offers the following air conditioning solutions:

Iron Fireman uses Rheem for residential air conditionersIron Fireman uses UNICO for residential central air
  • Hybrid System
  • Air Handlers

We Save You Money on Air Conditioner Use

When considering the purchase of an air conditioner, we teach our customers about the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. Known as “SEER,” it’s the rating that measures the cooling efficiency of heat pumps and air conditioning systems. The higher the number, the more efficient the unit is at delivering cold air.

How SEER Ratings Affect Choosing an A/C Unit

SEER ratings indicate the maximum efficiency potential an air conditioning unit has. Air conditioning systems experience fluctuations in efficiency based on the laws of thermodynamics. Factors such as sun exposure, outdoor temperatures, thermostat settings, and mechanical issues can all limit the efficiency of your cooling unit. Choosing air conditioners with higher SEER ratings ensures the unit you purchase does the job, without costing you additional money in operating expenses.

Rheem Air Conditioning Systems Deliver High-Efficient Cooling

In the heating and cooling industry, a SEER rating of 14 is considered standard for residential air conditioners. Tested in the extreme conditions of 95 degrees at 50% humidity, Rheem air conditioners are able to operate in the efficiency range of 15.5-20.5 SEER. This means Rheem systems meet and exceed industry efficiency standards, all while being offered at affordable prices for consumers.

Rheem air conditioners provide exceptional cooling performance in the toughest of Wisconsin summer heat

Iron Fireman: An Expert in Air Conditioning Replacement

The cooling specialists at Iron Fireman consider all factors before choosing and installing air conditioning equipment in your home. We consider your budget, home layout, home age, and more before selecting the right air conditioner for your home’s indoor comfort.

Contact Iron Fireman today for cooling indoor comfort solutions in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Lake Country, and the surrounding areas.