Get Ready for Winter with Our Fall Special!

Our 21 Point Clean & Check reduces your chances of a breakdown! Before “Old Man Winter” drops by your house, have “Mr. Indoor Comfort” stop in for a visit. Just fill out the form below or call us at (262) 563-2404.

2020 Special Special Pricing

Why Get a 21 Point Clean & Check?

Is Your Furnace or Boiler Clean?
Our techs will inspect your furnace to see that it’s clean. We’ll also make sure your burners are cleaned, so you have proper combustion. A clean furnace or boiler makes for a cleaner and more efficient heating system that saves you money in fuel and lasts much longer.

Is Your Thermostat Calibrated?
We’ll inspect your thermostat to see if it’s in working order. A defective or improperly calibrated thermostat affects comfort and sky-rockets operating costs.

Gas Line Safe?
Your gas line will be checked for leaks from the heating system and shut-off valves to the burners. Undetected leaks are DANGEROUS and expensive!

Is Your Pilot Functioning Correctly?
Problems with your pilot? We’ll check for a weak and dirty pilot, which can easily be extinguished causing the unit to shut down.

Heat Exchanger Cracks?
We’ll check to see that your heat exchanger isn’t cracked. If cracks exist, there is a serious risk of illness from the toxic fumes emitted.

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