DIY TIPS: 3 Ways to Save on Your Energy Bills

Even if you have the most efficient central air system or standalone air conditioner, electric bills can still be gigantic during the Summer months. The good news? The Department of Energy offers a variety of tips and resources to save on your energy bills all year long.

Home Energy Saver

Home Energy Saver

If you’re looking to save on electric and heating costs, your best choice is to do a professional home energy audit, but that can be expensive. No worries, because consumers can use the DOE’s free Home Energy Saver to do their own energy audits, and to get custom recommendations on how to cut energy costs. After your audit, be sure to browse DOE’s energy blogs, videos and discussion groups to discover additional tips and techniques to lower your bills by making your entire home energy efficient.

Energy Saver Guide

Download Energy Saver Guide

The DOE also publishes its comprehensive Energy Saver Guide, which provides a variety of energy saving techniques, from weatherization to thermostat selection and more! (En Espanol)

Do-It-Yourself Energy Savings Projects

DIY Energy Projects

Did you know that the average American household spends approximately $2,000 on energy costs annually? For DIY homeowners, you can bring those costs down by doing any of the simple projects detailed on the DOE’s Do-It-Yourself Energy Savings Projects web site. There’s literally a project for everyone, from installing an attic cover box to sealing drafty windows with weather strips.

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